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esk collection 2
IM SORRY THIS IS A LITTLE ROUGH but i didn't wanna waste this work and i literally have 3 minutes left to submit this aaaaaaa

will tag names later. and fix some of the rougher patches omg im so sorry
TWWM : Starter Esk
This here is a concept for my own esk for :iconthosewhowentmissing: based on this palette and this plant

I don't have a name or solid gender for them yet, and the history is half formed, but it's not a very happy one. While this esk doesn't retain a lot of memories, they're still very anxious and shy, having a tendency to keep their posture at a low cower while they slink around and avoid other creatures.
Esk collection
i'm not gonna lie, I picked all these at random from the masterlist so I'm hoping all these people are okay with random fanart.
these are a closed species designed by witherlings. links to the respective esk and owners below. If any of the owners would like a bigger version of these icons let me know and I'll send you the individual file, also!

008 - TheRiversEdge
015 - CloverCoin
017 - Makcake
018 - Kasmut
033 - Kyuuyula
040 - Luthienari
041 - TheWyvernAndTheFox
054 - TaksArt
057 - Toucat
061 - colonel-strawberry
074 - DaffoDille
092 - Kiire

A relatively quick surprise doodle of EineErdbeere's esk character (#090). Really cool design, I love birch trees sm


Player Level: Bud

Aura points
: 990

08/06/2017 - (unnamed) esk 134 - 45 AP
08/07/2017 - (unnamed) esk 032 - 45 AP
08/10/2017 - (unnamed) esk 090 - 45 AP
08/12/2017 - esk 008, 015, 017, 018, 033, 040, 041, 054, 057, 061, 074, 092 - 540 AP
08/13/2017 - esks 187, 188, 189, 190, 191, 192, 193 - 315 AP

My Esk:
TWWM : Starter Esk by lackofa
144 - unnamed



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do you ever happen to open for trades, by any chance? >u>
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Hey you should join the animorphs discord
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Sorry this is late but Happy Birthday You have strong charisma and people tend to follow your lead. You are loving, family-oriented, intelligent, and versatile in your talents. You are not always content, however, and this trait can bring interesting twists and turns into your life. Love relationships are important to you. Watch for expectations that run too high or a critical stance. Your ability to work hard and follow through is admirable. Famous people born today: Franz Kafka, Tom Cruise, Thomas Gibson, Tom Stoppard, Shawnee Smith, Olivia Munn, Sophia Magdalena of Denmark Ian Maxtone-GrahamGeorge SandersYeardley Smith, & Tomomi Itano
lackofa Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2017   Digital Artist
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